Tracts: “World’s Best Bread”

Best Bread TractsCustom print available!

A different approach to a tract, in two ways:

(1) Typical tracts push people toward an individual decision, which may feel to Japanese like it is separating them from others. “The World’s Best Bread” takes a different approach, emphasizing the community of believers that the reader would be joining. It starts by trying to make a personal connection – describing the author’s experiences with bread in America and Israel (even a recipe of his grandmother’s skillet bread), moving on to the history of bread (using Bible quotes, of course), and then building to a description of the meaning of communion. The author concludes that for him the best bread is the bread of communion, because of Jesus’ sacrifice that it represents and the connection we have with other believers.

(2) The second thing that makes this different from tracts you can buy at the store is that the last two pages (back cover and inside cover) are available for custom artwork/layout of whatever you want – typically a church’s information. Way better than a sloppy, hard-to-read, and labor-intensive church stamp!

The first custom print run was done in September 2015 for Abide CC Osaka. You can see the whole tract with that church’s information in PDF form. [And if you want to read the tract content in English, check out this PDF created just for reference (not pretty and not for printing).] The tract has been getting a very good response – the cover and personal approach seem to really draw people in.

To make the custom layout cost-effective, the quantities need to be pretty large. But this is a tract, so of course you’d want a lot of them, right? If you provide the layout for the back cover (and optionally the inside back cover) as a PDF in A6 size (105mm x 148mm), this is my official price list:

3,000 tracts ¥84,000 (¥28 each)
6,000 tracts ¥120,000 (¥20 each)
10,000 tracts ¥150,000 (¥15 each)

If you want help with the layout (i.e. you want me to do it for you!), for ¥5000 extra you can just send me the content you would like, and I’ll make it pretty.

If you want a different quantity than these, contact me to discuss it.

I also keep a stock of tracts that are printed with those two pages blank, so if you only want a few tracts and don’t mind adding your own stamp or label, you can buy them in packs of 50 for ¥1500 each, with significant discounts for buying in bulk: 10 or more packs are only ¥1000 each, and 20 or more packs are only ¥800 each.

For custom print runs, payment is due before I send it off to be printed – you can pay by postal wire transfer, bank transfer, or Paypal when the time comes. Printing takes eight days, so allow about two weeks for the complete process including layout and approval of custom content. Packs of stock tracts can simply be ordered – just contact me and tell me how many packs you want, and I’ll enclose a postal transfer form in the shipment. As long as I’m not out-of-town, I can probably get them to you in about 3-4 days.