“Japan Video Praise” DVD Series

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An easy-to-use, multi-purpose Japanese worship tool!

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What is it?

  • A series of DVDs, each of which contains 12 praise songs in Japanese, with inspiring video and onscreen lyrics
  • Featuring recordings from well-known music ministries like Michtam, City Praise, VCF Japan, Praise Station, Noah, and others
  • About half the titles are written by Japanese Christian songwriters; the rest are Japanese lyrics for popular English songs
  • Lyrics can be shown in your choice of just Japanese writing or Japanese plus romanization
  • Songs can be played one by one, in theme-based “song sets” of 2-4 songs, or in continuous loop play
  • List price: 3000 yen (discounts available – see below)

How can it be used?

  • During individual worship times
  • As instant worship for Bible studies, house churches, cell churches, or other groups
  • As background at special events
  • To introduce new songs and modern styles at church
  • To learn to sing Japanese Christian songs
  • Anywhere you have a DVD player!

Video Samples

Volume 1:

  1. Yamayama Ga Umareru Mae Kara (From Before the Mountains Were Born)
  2. Asa Goto Ni (Every Morning)
  3. One Day
  4. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
  5. Lord, Reign in Me
  6. Draw Me Close to You
  7. Juujika No Kotoba (The Word of the Cross)
  8. The Comforter Has Come
  9. Refiner’s Fire
  10. Kurayami Ni Hikari (Light in the Darkness)
  11. Mite Ni Yudanete (Entrusting to Your Hand)
  12. Kansha To Yorokobi (Thanksgiving and Joy)

Volume 2:

  1. Hear Our Praises
  2. All the Earth
  3. Blessed Be the Name
  4. Marvelous Grace of Our Loving Lord
  5. Power of Your Love
  6. I・N・O・C・H・I (Life)
  7. Above All
  8. Every Move I Make
  9. Furimukanai (I Won’t Turn Back)
  10. Shout to the Lord
  11. Medley: Watashi no Inori / Ookiku Shiyoo (My Prayer / Let’s Enlarge It)
  12. WoWoWo Iesu Wa Shu (WoWoWo Jesus Is Lord)

Volume 3:

  1. That’s What We Came Here For
  2. As the Deer
  3. Seirei no Kaze Fuite (Holy Spirit Wind, Blow)
  4. Blessed Assurance
  5. Sono Hi Zensekai ga (On that Day, the Whole World)
  6. Shu Iesu no Sugata ni (Into the Image of Jesus)
  7. I Give You My Heart
  8. Days of Elijah
  9. Shu o Miagete (Looking Up to the Lord)
  10. Furii (Free)
  11. Still
  12. One Way

Where to Buy

Paypal shopping cart right here (discount off list prices):

When you check out, you can pay on Paypal’s secure site by credit card or Paypal account balance.  (You don’t need a PayPal account – you can use a credit card even without an account.)  Prices are 3000 yen for the first DVD and 2500 yen for each additional, or 7000 yen for a complete set and 6000 yen for each additional set. (Actually, you are welcome to use the set prices to mix and match – just tell me in the remarks at checkout time how many of which volumes you would like.)

jvpset-thumb Complete Set
jvp1-thumb Volume 1
jvp2-thumb Volume 2
jvp3-thumb Volume 3

On Amazon – click one of these links to see all three DVDs:     Japan: amazon.co.jp     USA: amazon.com

At your local Japanese Christian bookstore:

They are currently only stocked in a few stores, but your local store should be able to order them through WLPM Distribution Center.

In Japan, by the cheapest method:

In Japan, if you pay by postal transfer or bank transfer, you’ll get the lowest prices:

  • One DVD: 2,300 yen
  • Three DVDs: 6,000 yen (typically a series set, but you can also mix and match)
  • Two or more sets (or mix-n-match six DVDs): 5,000 yen per set of three

Contact me here to order by this method.  I’ll even cover the shipping within Japan!

Or contact me about wholesale orders for stocking in your church bookstore or other outlet.